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DIY Powered MBTA HO Scale Trolley

For any HO Scale model railroad hobbyists who have wanted a powered Boston MBTA Green Line trolley for your model railroad set, you now have that opportunity. But it's going to take a little work. Just a little, according to John Partridge, a model railroad enthusiast from West Roxbury, MA.

John has documented detailed instructions, along with photos, on how to convert our non-powered Die Cast MBTA Trolley into a powered HO Scale trolley complete with pantograph. His article appeared in the Trolley Times this month (page down to see article):

For complete step-by-step instructions, John has shared everything you need to know in this Google Document:

Check out John's finished product, which he displays at his model railroad club, the Bay State Model Railroad Museum. Thank you, John, for sharing your work and cultivating interest in Boston's iconic light rail vehicles.

If you decide to follow John's instructions to make your own powered MBTA train / trolley, please share your photos with us on Facebook or email to

Powered HO Scale Boston Trolley
John Partridge at the Bay State Model Railroad Museum with his powered MBTA Green Line Trolleys

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