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Sidetrack Operations During Covid-19

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

"Unprecedented Times" of the phrases that we keep hearing in newscasts and from the many email updates that we receive from companies that we are connected to. Here at Sidetrack Products we have been directly affected by the economic impact of the coronavirus. We sell our products wholesale to 50+ retailers, most of them small mom & pop operations, none of whom are open at this time. We pray that these businesses can weather the storm and emerge as healthy as before. Our fear, however, is that some businesses will not survive the weeks of closure and subsequent tightening of consumers' belts. Let us all hope that the curve is flattened sooner rather than later.

To weather this storm, we are busying ourselves with projects that are often put off such as new product design, website updates, and business analysis. We are also working on building up the reach of our sister company, Deep Thoughts Designs, with plans to open a retail location in the summer. The store has been put in doubt but we must proceed as if it is going to happen. This means investing in down payments, licenses and inventory to sell. Our fingers are crossed!

OUR ONLINE STORE IS OPEN. We are currently offering our steepest discounts on our most popular gifts - Boston and MBTA Toddler and Youth t-shirts. Hopefully this will put a smile on some kids' faces as they endure these strange times spent inside their homes. We will have more discounts to come as consumers, including yours truly, are sure to curtail their spending on non-necessities down the road.

The current pandemic and economic crisis affects every one of us. Brick and mortar retailers, including gift shops and restaurants, have been hit especially hard. Ordering takeout, curbside pickup, or purchasing items from local stores' websites will go a long way in helping these family-owned businesses survive this crisis. Thank you for listening and thank you for your support.

I hope that you are all keeping safe and staying as positive as can be.


Todd Krutchkoff

Owner, Sidetrack Products (a family-owned business)

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