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The Best Baby Gift from Boston

Oftentimes we deliver wholesale orders personally. Some of our customers are gift shops in Boston's tourist areas, others are in the surrounding cities and suburbs. A few customers are not gift shops at all...they are children's boutiques.

As I was making a delivery to one particular children's boutique, I struck up a conversation with the Sales Associate. She told me that the our baby and toddler apparel gifts make the perfect baby gifts for Bostonians who want to send a Boston-themed gift to an out-of-town baby. She hears it from her customers all the time so she thought she would relay their comments to me. I am always thrilled to hear these sentiments, and it helps validate what we strive to do here at Sidetrack Products. But her comment got me thinking. What are Boston's most popular "from Boston" baby gifts? Sports teams gear? I am sure that people buy plenty of Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics onesies, hats, and hoodies. We have our MBTA train onesies, tees and hoodies along with Boston Icons and Boston Ducklings apparel.

What else is out there? What is your go-to gift for babies or small children when you want to give a gift that says, "Boston?"

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