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Top 10 Boston-Themed Baby Gifts

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We were recently asked what we would recommend to people who were searching for a Boston-themed gift. The first thing that came to mind was an online purchase made by one of our customers last holiday. This customer purchased the thoughtful combination of our Toy MBTA Trolley Car, our Green Line on the Charles Onesie, and the Wicked Good Trip picture book about a school field trip through Boston on the Green Line subway. What a wicked nice baby gift!

Stuffed Lobster Plush Toy

It's been many years since we had to purchase a baby gift of our own so we sought out opinions from some Boston-based gift shops. Susan Luongo from Happy Hangups in Faneuil Hall told us you can't go wrong with a stuffed lobster plush toy. It's been one of her top sellers for many years. What a great choice for the Boston and New England coast!

Favorite Boston-Themed Children's Books and Pajamas

Melisa Christie at Davis Squared in Somerville recommended the popular board books "Goodnight Boston" and "Goodnight Massachusetts". She also warmed our heart by recommending our forest green Boston Ducklings onesie paired with the classic book, Make Way for Ducklings.

At Mulberry Road children's boutique on Newbury Street, Ellen Grousta seconded the forest green Boston Ducklings onesie and Make Way book idea. She also endorsed several more items including:

- Joy Street printed sleepwear - "the perfect Boston gift without 'saying' Boston"

- Lightweight Boston rollneck sweater

- Board books Larry Gets Lost in Boston and Larry Loves Boston

- Boston Crinkle Square from BabyJack

- Boston sports teams board books from Michaelson Entertainment

These Gift Baskets Filled With Adorable Boston Goodies

Lastly, there are some great gift basket ideas from Massachusetts Bay Trading Company. Their baby gift baskets range from $37 to $85.

Let us know your thoughts. Did we miss anything? Please feel free to comment!

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