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What does your Boston Toddler really want?

Looking for a gift for your Boston-area toddler. Whether it's a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, or just a plain ol' gift, we think we have you covered. At least for those plane, truck, and train-loving kids...who make up 8 of every 10 kids by our estimation : )

When you gift our Die Cast Green Line Boston Trolley toy to a kid, there is sure to be anticipation, excitement and joy involved as they receive a miniature version of something they've been in awe of since they laid eyes on it. Check out how little Tyler responds to receiving his mini Boston Green Line Subway Car...

And the Die Cast Green Line Trolley is not just for local kids. If you're looking for the perfect "from Boston" gift for an out-of-town kid, you can't go wrong with our Trolley. The collectible cars look great on the shelf and even link up together if you have more than one. Pair a trolley with our Kids Book or a Graphic Tee and you have the ultimate Boston Kids' Gift!

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