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About Us

While playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine train set, a 4-year-old boy asked his dad for a toy train just like the ones that run through Boston - a MBTA train. Bewildered that no toy MBTA train existed, that dad took it upon himself to bring one to market. After all, if he could make his own son happy, how many more kids (and kids at heart) would feel the same joy when holding a miniature Boston train in their hands?

And so, Sidetrack Products introduced its flagship product - a miniature die cast MBTA Green Line Trolley Car - in June of 2012. Since then, a collection of MBTA Gifts and an expanding assortment of MBTA Apparel have been added to the product mix. These items can be found online and in over 30 retail stores throughout New England.

We have added items with a historic Boston flair such as our Ducklings and Boston Icons tees and onesies. They make terrific gifts when you want to send a "from Boston" gift to kids from out of town. 

Sidetrack Products continually strives to create unique smile-inducing gifts inspired by its New England surroundings. With the exception of the Kids Book, all of the products on our site were developed in-house. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to have our products featured in The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Somerville Scout and the Waltham News Tribune. 

We invite you to share our journey. Join us on Facebook and follow along on Instagram and X (Twitter) as we build a business that was started by one boy's simple request. Emails and comments are always welcome and will always be acknowledged. 

That 4-year-old boy is older now but he still loves to tell acquaintances that he came up with the idea for his dad's business!

Boston Herald 2012 article on Sidetrack Products back story